Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Givenchy's Noir Interdit ~ A truly Innovative Mascara

As beautiful as false lashes are, they just aren't practical for daily use (for me at least). That's where good great mascara comes in.

Givenchy recently released Noir Interdit and It's unlike any mascara I've ever tried.  First of all the packaging - it's sleek, luxurious and totally glam. The tube has some weight to it, but it's still comfortable to hold and use.

One of the first things that I noticed about this mascara was that it smells - really good! I've never used a  mascara that had a discernible scent and I must admit, I love it! Now if that's not enough to pique your interest, meet the wand.

No, it's not broken. The comb swivels 90° to help lift, separate and lengthen eyelashes. Although it looks awkward to use, it's totally not!

Once you remove the wand from the tube you gently push the head of the brush against the tube and voila, you have your curved brush. Starting at the base of your lashes, zig-zag the comb up through your lashes. The unique wand combined with the formula creates a lash extension effect with buildable volume and no clumps. To build volume, rotate the comb to the standard position and comb through as you would with any traditional mascara.

I'm not wearing any eyeliner or eyeshadow (just a touch of concealer) in the before and after photos so that you can see the true effects of Noir Interdit. I took these photos the very first time I used the mascara.

My lashes nearly doubled in length with just one coat and I didn't experience any clumping. The Noir Interdit formula is easy to work with (not thick and not too thin) and it holds a curl for the whole day. If your lashes are straight like mine, I'd recommend using an eyelash curler prior to using this mascara (or any mascara).

In the photo I focused on building length since this mascara is marketed as a lengthening mascara. In subsequent uses I experimented with adding volume and I was able to add quite a bit by rotating the wand and applying a second coat.

I didn't experience any flaking or smudging wearing Noir Interdit and removal was fairly easy. Honestly, I'm impressed by Givenchy's Noir Interdit. If you love luxury beauty and long lashes as much as I do, than this mascara is totally for you!

You can purchase Givenchy's Noir Interdit in-store at Sephora and online at for $38

*This post contains press samples

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick ~ Review + Swatches

Liquid lipstick is by far my favourite type of lipstick so when I heard that Bite Beauty was releasing a liquified version of their lipstick, I knew I had to have it!

Luckily for me (and my wallet) Influenster was kind enough to send me three complimentary shades to review plus the Line & Define Lip Primer. I received Flambé (red), Éclair (pink) and Demi Glacé (brown).

"The liquid lip gets redefined with this handcrafted, moisture-rich, high-pigment formula. Bite Beauty’s most nourishing lipstick, Amuse Bouche, gets liquified, while offering rich, high-impact color and a creamy, comfortable application that glides on with unprecedented precision. Created by hand in small batches, Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick is made with natural monoi butter and coconut oil, which melts at the temperature of your lips to glide on for ultimate wear and a satiny finish. With 12 modern, wearable shades you’ve never seen from Bite Beauty, this collection gives everyday lip color an unexpected twist." /source/

Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick is super moisturizing and wears comfortably. The demi-glaze finish is very flattering and lends to the hydrating feel of this lipstick. It's important to note that it's long wearing but not transfer proof; if you eat or drink it will come off.

Éclair and Flambé were the most pigmented and applied the most evenly and opaque for me. I found Demi Glacé a bit tricky to apply and at times appeared patchy. I'm not a huge fan of the shade either as it's just too dark for my taste. As far as wear goes, they last longer than a bullet style lipstick but not as long as a liquid matte. After 3 or 4 hours I need to touch up.   

I also received Bite Beauty's Line & Define Lip Primer in this VoxBox. It looks very similar to their Crème Lip Crayon in size (review here) and it has a hint of mint in it which I love. It feels so hydrating and it smooths my lips out leaving them perfectly primed for lipstick.

You can find these and other products from Bite Beauty exclusively at Sephora and

*I received these products complimentary for testing and review purposes but all opinions are my own. If you're not a member of Influenster yet and would like to join, feel free to use my referral link

Friday, August 11, 2017

Saint + Sinner ~ #TheResurrectionIsReal ~ Review

Are you a Saint or Sinner? Perhaps a little bit of both? We all possess a level of duality and Kat Von D really tapped into this with her Saint + Sinner fragrances. Originally released in 2009, these perfumes were quite popular and became highly coveted when production of the perfumes stopped. Kat Von D decided to revamp and bring back these fragrances last month much to the delight of her fans.

Influenster was kind enough to send me complimentary samples of each to try and although I love them both, I'm definitely more of a Sinner 😈

"Meet Sinner—dark, sultry, and empowering, this enticing fragrance sweetens a bouquet of jasmine and orange blossom with notes of vanilla, mandarin, and Mirabelle plum. Spicy cinnamon envelops white florals at the heart of the fragrance, while base notes of vetiver, patchouli, and wood form the deeper, darker nuances. Experience confidence in a bottle; Sinner is the fragrant embodiment of the edgy, unapologetic, and outspoken Kat Von D we know and love." /source

Sinner falls into the warm & spicy fragrance family with key notes of patchouli, wood and cinnamon. This scent is truly powerful. It evokes a deep sense of power and seduction - something I love in a fragrance. Sinner has quickly become a favourite of mine, however, I am a little disappointed by the lasting power of it. I found that it started to fade very quickly, practically disappearing in a few short hours. For the price tag, I expected it to wear for longer than it does.

"Meet Saint—soft, alluring, and dreamy, this gourmand fragrance sweetens a bouquet of jasmine and tiaré flower with notes of mandarin, caramel, and sparkling Mirabelle plum. Vanilla, sandalwood, and creamy musk build to the romance of the perfume, imparting a warmth that reminds Kat of falling in love for the very first time. Saint is a poetic exploration of the lesser-known, softer side of Kat Von D." /source

Saint falls into the floral fragrance family with key notes of vanilla, musk and jasmine. I love the softness and sweetness of this scent. It's truly a feminine fragrance. I like to wear Saint during the day while running errands. I do find that it lasts slightly longer on my skin than Sinner, but not by much. Again, for the price I would expect it to wear longer.

You can also layer Saint + Sinner. I tried this a few times but wasn't really a fan of wearing them together. I feel like Sinner was barely detectable. I definitely prefer wearing them separately.

You can find Kat Von D's Saint + Sinner eau de parfums both in-store and online at

Have you tried these fragrances? Are you more of a Saint or are you a Sinner? Lets chat in the comment section below 👇

*I received deluxe samples of these fragrances courtesy of Influenster but all opinions are my own.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow & Aqua XL Ink Eyeliner ~ Review + Swatches

MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently expanded their Aqua XL line with some super fun and extremely colourful eye makeup; Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow and Aqua XL Ink Eye Liner.

"Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow offers the ease of a powder in a cream texture. It glides on seamlessly, and it’s flexible texture makes it easy to blend and layer for perfectly vibrant color that’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and crease-resistant. Enriched with mango butter, this nourishing formula hydrates skin, leaving lids comfortable throughout the day. It’s available in an array of ultra-pigmented creamy shades—from neutral to bright tones, including matte, lustrous, and iridescent finishes." /source

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow (4.8 ml, $31) is every bit as unique, fun and colourful as it sounds! It's available in 20 shades and finishes (12 mattes, 4 satins and 4 shimmers). The Aqua XL Color Paint can be worn alone or mixed together to create custom shades. The possibilities with this shadow are truly endless!

Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow is housed in a squeezable tube. You can use it directly from the tube or squeeze it into a palette for mixing. It's very pigmented, creamy and applies to the eyes with ease. This eye shadow blends extremely well without losing its pigment, which was really surprising. Not only is it blendable, it's buildable as well. You can build it up or tone it down to suit your needs.

I have the shade M-40, which is a matte yellow. The shade is gorgeous and it can be worn subtly or boldy. I love to wear it on my lids, through my crease and up to my brow bone. I found it super easy to blend and layer.  I use a standard eyeshadow brush for my lid and a blending brush to pull it into and above my crease. It sets fast and lasts all day without primer.

"Aqua XL Ink Liner stays put until you take it off. With an ultra-fine, felt tip applicator, this waterproof formula delivers the best in liquid liner wear. It's long-lasting formula ensures highly pigmented color that wont smudge, transfer or fade. Edge or accent your lids from corner to corner and beyond with this easy, perfectly designed applicator. It’s available in an array of shades, including matte, lustrous, diamond, and metallic finishes." /source

The Aqua XL Ink Eye Liner (1.7 ml, $30) is available in 15 shades and finishes (7 mattes, 1 mettalic, 5 satins and 2 shimmers). The formula boasts 24hrs of waterproof wear, high pigmented colour and ultra-fine precision.

I have the shade D-60 Diamond brown (shimmer finish). The shade is a beautiful, dark brown and it has a shimmering finish. The shimmer isn't very intense; it won't stand out against a shimmery eye shadow. The felt tip is very precise and easy to use. As someone who can't do a wing to save my life, I appreciate how user friendly it is. I do find that it dries quickly so you need to work fast. The one thing that I'm not crazy about, is that if I get it on my lashes they get stuck together and crunchy. It's best to stay away from the ends of your lashes with this stuff. It wears for a long time and is very easy to remove at the end of the day. I will be reaching for this eye liner often.

You can find these and other MAKE UP FOR EVER products at Sephora and

Have you tried MAKE UP FOR EVER's new Aqua XL products? What shades are calling your name? Lets chat in the comment section below 👇

*This post features press samples sent to me for editorial consideration, but all opinions are my own!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Skincare

Nip + Fab is a results-driven beauty brand that offers targeted solutions to a variety of skin concerns. Sister company to Rodial Skincare and Nip + Man, this innovative company is known for their use of cutting-edge ingredients and affordability. 

"Kale Fix Skincare is a gentle and nourishing range packed with superfood ingredients kale
and watercress to reinvigorate the skin with vitamins to protect against
free radical damage and soften and hydrate dry skin." /source

I've been testing out three products from this range and I'm quite happy with them! The first product I tried was the Kale Fix Moisturizer.

"Daily moisturiser to help soften and comfort dry skin. A superfood powerhouse complex of kale, watercress and almond oil enrich skin with deep vitamin nourishment and protects against external aggressions that can cause dry skin. Concentrated aloe vera and shea butter help to further sooth and improve skin texture, providing long-lasting hydration." /source

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturizer ($25.95) comes in an opaque container with a pump and I love that! Skincare needs to be shielded from heat, sun and air in order to remain effective. This moisturizer has a fresh scent to it that is quite different from the traditional perfume scent found in skincare. A little goes a long way - one compression of the pump dispenses enough moisturizer for my face and neck. The texture is quite interesting; it's thick, but easily spreadable. It absorbs quickly and leaves my face soft, hydrated and matte (for the whole day).

Masks are a regular part of my routine and I love to use clay masks to draw out impurities. Having said that, they can be drying so I try to use them only twice a week (less in the cooler months). Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask offers the same benefits of a traditional clay mask but with the added benefits of hydration and softening.

"A super-charged nourishing clay face mask enriched with minerals and witch hazel, works to draw away impurities without drying the skin. The addition of an advanced moisture complex helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier function & regulate water loss to increase hydration for the skin to leave it feeling touchably soft with a fresh glow." /source/

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask ($15.95) comes in a tube, and much like the moisturizer from the same range, has a refreshing scent that mingles with the traditional scent of clay. It's thick but easily spreadable and dries down in a few minutes. After rinsing my face I see a noticeable difference in the size of my pores and my skin feels super soft and smooth. I have been using this mask 3x a week in the evenings and it hasn't dried me out at all. This mask is really good and would be suitable for those with dry, combo or oily skin types.

Makeup is an everyday part of my life and I'm constantly reaching for long-wearing and waterproof options. These products can be a challenge to remove (especially eye makeup) and finding a gentle, yet effective remover is a huge challenge. Nip + Fab Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads are my new go to for removing stubborn eye makeup.

"Gently cleanse and soften dry skin with these ultra-moisturising cleansing pads. Gentle enough to use around the eyes, these facial pads are enriched with superfood ingredients kale and watercress extracts to remove daily dirt and makeup whilst reinvigorating the skin with vitamins A,C and K to protect against free radical damage and retaining skin softness and elasticity. A dual function moisturising complex ensures skin is deeply comforted and feels touchably soft and smooth." /source

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads ($15.95) are pre-moistened cotton rounds that come stacked inside a plastic jar. The rounds are on the thin side but they're quite durable. I personally find them too small to use on my face but they're just the right size for my eyes!

I take the pad and hold it against my closed eye for a few seconds before I gently wipe them outwards. One pad is usually enough for both eyes (unless I'm wearing a smokey eye) and minimal effort is required to remove my makeup. These pads are incredibly gentle; I've used them to remove waterproof gel-liner from inside my waterline and there was no stinging at all. Nothing. I am so impressed with these pads and can't recommend them enough!

You can find these and other Nip + Fab products at Shoppers Drug Mart nationwide.

*Press samples were provided for editorial consideration, but all opinions are my own!